Elite Coaching / Consulting

Red Buffalo is a coaching and consulting firm for rare leaders and organizations. Our goal is to work with the one percent, the exceptional leaders, and make them better.

Raison d’tre

Red Buffalo is a team of gritty and scrappy leaders. We are a thoughtful organization that cares about the depth of your organization as well as the breadth.  We have a decades-long track record of caring for important gospel organizations. We help organizations with their most nagging problems, to get started, to get “unstuck”, to dream big, alleviate pain points, scale and excel in order to become more effective, sustainable and fruitful. Our unique differentiator is our strong ability to both ideate and implement strategies – we turn ideas into action. We often see what others don’t see. We are an action-oriented team that is highly networked and committed to making things happen for the organizations we serve.

Crème de la crème

Not all clients are a great match for Red Buffalo. We seek to partner strategically and exclusively with the best in the world. We’re drawn to people who despise mediocrity. People who are focused, intentional and highly driven to impact the world in legitimate ways, not just through smoke and mirrors. That’s not our game. Red Buffalo is different and so are the clients we attract.


Elite leaders know that there is wisdom in a plurality of counselors. Engaging in coaching services allows leaders to hear an objective, experienced voice regarding leadership issues. The rigors of leadership can be isolating for leaders. The need for life-examination and growth is constant.

Red Buffalo coaching implements a long-term and personal investment in the life of a leader. We focus on the Red Buffalos – or the top 1% of leaders. This investment takes place in person or over the phone over the duration of a year. During the year we aim to identify your strengths, set up sustainable leadership practices, and address specific leadership issues you face.

For more information, email jeff@redbuffalo.co


Red Buffalo Venture Consulting provides unbiased, skilled analysis for high-capacity nonprofits, churches, businesses and institutions. The goal of these services is to create action-oriented plans in order to take your organization to the next level.

Red Buffalo consultants will strategically engage in a transformational review of your organization with the express purpose of advancing it in faithfulness, fruitfulness, effectiveness, scaling and multiplying. The Red Buffalo team is known for seeing what others don’t see. Red Buffalo specializes in both getting organizations started and when necessary unstuck. The three stage strategy moves from investigation to innovation to implementation in order to provide fresh insight and game changing architecture.

For more information, email jeff@redbuffalo.co